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INVITED SPEAKERS: (alphabetical)

Per Bakke, Professor
“The Lung Microbiome, Immunology and the Pathogenesis of COPD”, University of Bergen, Norway

Francesca Barone
“From pathogenesis to new clinical targets in Sjögren’s syndrome”, Birmingham University, UK

Eirik Bratland, PhD
Innate and adaptive immunity in Addison's disease, a prototypic autoimmune disorder, University of Bergen, Norway

Yenan Bryceson
SAMD9L: At the nexus of viral immunity, in ammation, and cancer” ,Karolinska Institute and University of Bergen, Norway

Thomas Dietrich
All is in The Root”, Birmingham University, UK

Liv Eidsmo
“Skin immunology - a dynamic and interactive barrier to microbes and pathogens”, Karolinska Institute, Sweden

Phillippe Gillery
"Carbamylation of Proteins : a Non-enzymatic Protein Modi cation Involved

Espen Haavardsholm
“Modern Treatment Strategies in RA”, Oslo University, Norway

Arno Hänninen
"Gut Immune System in Type 1 Diabetes”, University of Turku, Finland

Ulrika Islander
Impact of estrogen on Th17 mediated immunity”, University of Gothenburg, Sweden

Anca Catrina
”Environmental and genetic factors in the development of anticitrullinated protein antibodies (ACPAs)” , Karolinska Institute, Sweden

Valeria Lyssenko
”Diabetes Pathogenesis - One Disease Many Faces”, University of Bergen, Norway

Helga Midtbø
“The Bearing of Inflammation on Cardiovascular Diseases; Present Knowledge and Future Challenges”, University of Bergen, Norway

Trevor Owens
“Neuroinflammation” ,University of Southern Denmark, Denmark