In collaboration with:


Keynote Speaker: Patrick Venables “How to cure autoimmune disease”, Oxford University, UK

1. Helga Midtbø - “The bearing of in ammation on cardiovascular diseases; present knowledge and future challenges”, University of Bergen, Norway

2. Per Bakke - “The lung microbiome, immunology and the pathogenesis of COPD”, University of Bergen, Norway

3. Espen Haavardsholm - “Modern treatment strategies in RA”, Oslo University, Norway

4. Valeriya Lyssenko - ”Diabetes pathogenesis - one disease many faces”, University of Bergen, Norway

5. Anca Catrina - ”Environmental and genetic factors in the development of anticitrullinated protein antibodies (ACPAs)” , Karolinska Institute, Sweden

6. Phillippe Gillery - “Carbamylation of proteins : a non-enzymatic protein modi cation involved
in ageing and chronic diseases”, University of Reims Champagne-Ardenne, France

7. Arno Hänninen - “Gut immune system in type 1 diabetes”, University of Turku, Finland

8. Liv Eidsmo - “Skin immunology - a dynamic and interactive barrier to microbes and pathogens”, Karolinska Institute, Sweden

9. Urlika Islander - “Inhibition of inflammation and osteoporosis by estrogens”, University of Gothenburg, Sweden

10. Trevor Owens - “Neuroinflammation”, University of Southern Denmark, Denmark

11. Francesca Barone - “From pathogenesis to new clinical targets in Sjögren’s syndrome”, Birmingham University, UK

12. Thomas Dietrich - "All is in the root”, Birmingham University, UK

13. Eirik Bratland - “Innate and adaptive immunity in Addison's disease, a prototypic autoimmune disorder”, University of Bergen, Norway

14. Yenan Bryceson - ”SAMD9L: At the nexus of viral immunity, in ammation, and cancer”, Karolinska Institute and University of Bergen, Norway